The lever will operate the latch and the cylinder will lock/unlock the heavy-duty deadbolt bolt as well as pull back the latch for convenience. European style 60mm back set mortice lock for swinging doors. The lock incorporates a latch tongue and separate deadbolt for high security applications.
60mm Back Set Mortice Vestibule Lock
Multiple Latch Operations i.e, Key/ Key & Handle, Turn Snib etc.
Single Action Egress
70-80mm Double or Single Cylinder
Independent CAM Operation
Australian Standard C4 Profile/ 2 Keys Included
Grub Screw Pins for Easy Re-Keying
Our integrated flush bolt system comprises of a 10mm stainless steel round bar with a screw on handle bit.

We machine this flush bolt into our door frame for an elegant finish to hold close your French, bifold or double sliding doors.
Superior Heavy-Duty Door Fitting

Functional & Durable

Aesthetically Pleasing

Dimensions: 40W x 105H

Specification: 150kg Panels/ 1000W x 300H

Colour: PVD Black
Suitable for Awning & Casement Windows
304 Stainless Steel
Innovative Head Cap for Optimum Weather Sealing
Capacitates Awnings up to 136kg
Capacitates Casements up to 79kg
Contemporary Design
Australian Designed
Choice for Lockable or Non-Lockable
Left or Right-Handed Options
Keyed Alike
50x50 Head Track Concealing Nylon Wheels
Capacitates Panels up to 350kg
23x25 Base Track
316 Stainless Steel Hangers
Suitable for Internal & External Application
Vertical Adjustment
Capacitates Panels up to 100kg with Ease
Suitable for large openings – 3.3m High by 16m Wide
Inward or Outward Opening Functionality
50x50 Head Track
23x25 Bade Track
316 Stainless Steel Components
Design for Interior Sliding Panels up to 120Kg
High Performance Steel Bearings
Polymer Wheels
Easy, Smooth & Fast Operation
Option for Soft Closing Mechanism
Topp C20 Electric Chain Winder
Omega DS5500 Operator
DN400 Chain Winder DN450 Chain Winder
Window Restriction Compliant

Lockable – Keyed Alike
Aesthetically Pleasing & Functional
Effortless Operation & Control
Pivot motor concealed into the floor - Adjustable top pivot set - Adjustable door movement (speed control) - Stainless steel cover plate for top pivot - Needle Roller bearing for top pivot - Suited for doors width of up to 1400mm - Maximum door weight: 250kg - Height adjustable bottom strap for easy installation - 10-year warranty

Pivot Motors Option 2

Pivot motor concealed in door panel
Adjustable door movement (30o speed control & latch control)
Latch control
Capacitates Doors up to 500kg
Maximum door width: 5000mm

Glass Options

The choice of glass is endless.
Our Viewnique® frame accepts a maximum width of 17mm.
Please refer to our glass supplier’s product brochure to see what’s on offer.
close up of a steel door with a brass round handle
close up of a flush handle in a Viewnique™ aluminium sliding doors made by All Style Engineering
close up of a Viewnique® aluminium door and pull handle made by All Style Engineering