The Viewnique® Story

Our Viewnique® door and window brand is family-owned and West Australian-designed. The Viewnique® system has been created to offer the look of steel with the benefits of aluminium.

A former aluminium boat builder and now the Owner & director of All Style Engineering®, Dave Bailey came up with the idea after working on many projects using steel, from  gates, balustrading, and  fencing to architecturally designed steel sculptures.  He realised there was a market for steel doors and windows. He began to understand the importance of creating a product that was robust and could be sealed from wind, rain, and  dust.

Travelling to Italy in 2018 to meet with a steel door and window system supplier to better his understanding of the concept of steel doors and windows, Dave and the team went on to complete three high-end residential projects here in Perth using European steel profiles imported from Italy.  In spite of the high quality and design appeal, however, rusting remains a risk with steel, particularly in coastal environments.

viewniqe bifold doors fully closed view from the interior with living and dining room and looking out to the garden of a residence in cottesloe

When COVID-19 hit, the lead times and cost to ship materials from Europe had become unsustainable, and thus, the first two Viewnique® profiles using lightweight, locally made aluminium were born and put to the test.

Today, our Viewnique® system is a patented product made up of eight custom solid-wall aluminium extrusions that we are proud to say are all extruded here in Australia. Our Viewnique® door and window system is a welded system ensuring exceptional strength and durability while resembling no other aluminum product on the market. Viewnique® has been proven to offer performance that is far superior to steel, as it is much lighter and is completely RUST-FREE.

The slim profiles offer an aesthetically pleasing slender-line frame, emphasizing the transparency of an opening. Viewnique® doors and windows are a distinctive feature in any home.

technical image of all of viewnique aluminium profiles viewed from the side with a cut into the profile

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing processes. Each door and window is handmade and fabricated  by our highly skilled tradesman. Ongoing research and development have led to laboratory testing, and we now have doors and windows that comply with AS2047. This gives us the edge over our competitors as we can guarantee a product that complies with the Australian Standard and is proven to withstand the forces of weather in every environment.

Viewnique® Patent Number: 2021206797

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Viewnique® and All Style Engineering® are member of the Australian Glass and windows Association

Viewnique french doors with fixed doors overlooking the Swan River